SOLED SLIM – straight forms and excellent lighting technology.

The Solar Streetlight SOLED SLIM integrates technology, design and function in a single product. Simple and quick installation, a system efficiency of minimum 100 lm/W, and the use of highly efficient LEDs are characteristic of the Solar Streetlight SLIM.

LED Lichtkopf SOLED Solar Straßenleuchten | technologische Highlights:

  • Innovative multi-layer lighting technologie prevents dark sections along the carriageway.
  • Optimized light guidance through a combined lens-reflector system.
  • Dimmable (100% bis 10%).
  • Temperature control.
  • Highly efficient brand-name LEDs with in excess of 160 lm/W
  • Luminous color options: 4000 K, 3000 K, 5700 K
  • Luminous flux packages adaptable to the individual use case
  • No electronic ballast inside the lighting head – the electronic is fixed in the pole at eye level. That means longer lifetime for LEDs and ballast (less heat generation in the light housing).

SOLED Controller | control for Solar LED Street Lighting

  • High sophisticated solar charge control with intelligent MPP algorithm for a max. energy recovery for an optimum battery charging.
  • DC-Light, that means non vibrant light and that implies highest safety in road traffic because of better recognition between moving objects.
  • Unpulsed light (DC) in all operating conditions.
  • User-friendly fixed in the pole on eye level.
  • Modular system (Stand Alone, Hybrid, Power Station).
  • Automatic or user-dependent operation.
  • Individual time- and energy management.
  • SOLED Wizard for parametrization the lights.
  • Optional with GSM-Modul for remote maintenance, service management oder system control.

LiFePo4-Batteries (Lithium iron phosphate)

  • A high level of security on the basis of solid electrolyte and cellular chemistry
  • High power density and high cycle rates
  • High pulse loading capacity
  • High charging currents (quickly rechargeable batteries)
  • Long cycle life (approx. 5000 charge cycles)
  • Wide temperature range for operation and storage (-45 bis +85 °C)