SOLED Controller | control for the Solar LED Street Lighting

  • High sophisticated solar charge control with intelligent MPP algorithm for a max. energy recovery and an optimum battery charging.
  • DC-Light, that means that the SOLED solar LED streetlights don’t have vibrant light and that implies highest safety in road traffic because of better recognition between moving objects.
  • Electronic is user-friendly fixed in the pole on eye level.
  • Modular system (Stand Alone, Hybrid, Power Station).
  • Automatic or user-dependent operation.
  • Individual time- and energy management.
  • SOLED Wizard for parametrization the lights.
  • Optional with GSM-Modul for remote maintenance, service management oder system control.

Economic efficiency with SOLED Solar LED Street Lighting

  • No energy costs
  • CO2 – free
  • Long-lasting LED lamps – reduced maintenance
  • No expensive mains-wiring needed for the Stand-alone version
  • Energy recovery into the grid for groups of luminaries without battery

Safety based on the SOLED solar LED Street Lighting technology

  • Compliance with international lighting standards with the solar street lighting systems  Hybrid and Power Station –  even for low levels of solar radiation.
  • Fail-proof redundant security circuit due to a parallel energy supply system
  • Best visible light for traffic applications due to DC-light operation
  • Hybrid version for regions with less solar radiation or for increased performance requirements
  • Maintenance management via GSM remote control
  • Controller software update via GSM module